In a world cradled by mobility, Olena's luggage is designed to bring innovation and service to travellers.

Travel, carry your personal belongings, in a unique style, to discover new places or new sensations and experiences.
Never ask yourself the question of the necessary space once the trip has been completed, that is Olena's promise.
Olena wants to provide travellers with simplified storage with her innovative suitcase offer.

Dear fellow travellers, haven't you ever experienced that moment when you return from a trip, and once your suitcase was empty, you didn't know where to put it but also potentially didn't want to give it any important space in your interior?
Why should your suitcase take up a large part of your closet space, or end up in a place or room that is not easily accessible for your next escape?

Olena wanted to respond to this often forgotten demand and developed a range of foldable and unfoldable cabin and hold luggage.
Foldable to allow any traveller to store his suitcase easily, even in a very limited space.
Foldable to make each trip simple and pleasant.

Olena folding cases fold in less than ten seconds and take only 15 cm for the MINI folding case and 20 cm for the EXTRA folding case before being stowed in their pocket and placed in a suitable space.
Olena suitcases are very easily folded by any traveller.

Olena is based on a patent developed in-house and registered worldwide.

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Looking forward to traveling and escaping together,

The Olena team

Olena's founder

The entrepreneur and founder of the Olena brand is passionate about innovation. From a very young age he has created, innovated, developed and manufactured products with the desire to always revolutionize and improve the daily life of each and every one of us.

After a career in the Healthcare sector, he chose to fulfill his dreams and create the innovative luggage brand, Olena.

After months of research and development, he was able to register his patent for the folding and unfolding of suitcases worldwide.

He was then the winner of two Lépine Competitions in 2017 and 2018.

Its research and development and the marketing of an innovative product, the Olena folding and unfolding suitcase, were rewarded with a Silver Medal at the Concours Lépine in Paris and a Bronze Medal at the Concours Lépine in Montpellier.